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ELearning Development

Interactive Online Courses

I designed and developed this course to help resolve domestic disagreements that often arise when loading the dishwasher. Learners help settle Jen and Phil's arguments and discover the best practices for washing dishes through the completion of drag and drop, true/ false, select one/ many activities. Multiple learners have reported this course was informative and helpful.

My Role: Learning Designer & Developer, Graphic Designer, Voice Over Talent

Tool Used: Articulate Storyline, Canva, Audacity

I developed this course to help solve the problem of workplace bullying. Stakeholders noticed this was becoming a problem in their company and needed a unique and engaging educational experience for employees. I conducted extensive research to write all the content based on federal regulations. I also carefully designed the look and feel of the course and integrated various interactive learning experiences such as roleplay scenarios and elements of gamification so learners can determine what to do about bullying at work.

My Role: Learning Designer and Developer & Graphic Designer

Tool Used: Articulate Rise & Canva

Graphic Design

Job Aids, Presentations, & Infographics

Consultant Service Managers (CSMs) were previously being trained through one-on-one meetings or on an as needed basis. This led to confusion regarding company values, policies, and expectations. In order to streamline this process and create clarity, I designed this presentation to be used for instructor lead training sessions when new groups of CSMs are hired. It decreases onboarding time and opens up valuable opportunities for networking with others and asking questions up front.

My Role: Learning Developer & Graphic Designer

Tools Used: Canva

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A life coach asked me to help her better communicate her ideas to clients. She had been using her own rough sketches but wanted something more professional. I collaborated with her closely to ensure each image correctly conveyed her ideas and stayed true to her brand. As a result, I was able to design a series of infographics that she has been able to share in sessions with her private clients as well as on social media to significantly increase her reach, confidence, and new client booking rate.

My role: Graphic Designer

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop & Canva

Brochure created in Canva

Job Aid created in Canva

Job Aid created in Canva

Instructional Design

Scripts, Storyboards, & Course Blueprints

Mighty Kind is a magazine that has a growing number of employees, volunteers, and interns. They asked me to create onboarding materials that would help them get new teammates up and running faster. I created this storyboard and script to present to stakeholders to help them better understand my idea to create a series of videos for new employees to help save them time and money.

My Role: Learning Developer & Script Writer

Tools Used: Vyond & Powerpoint

Too many arguments arise from loading the dishwasher. I tackled this particular domestic disagreement head on by designing an interactive learning experience. First, I created the style guide, storyboard, and script and submitted these assets for feedback. Upon receiving final approval, I used these as the guide to develop my full Articulate Storyline course to decrease the number of disagreements surrounding dish cleaning methods.

My Role: Learning Developer, Graphic Designer, Script Writer

Tool Used: Powerpoint & Canva

EDUKAN is a cooperative effort between member colleges in the USA to offer remote learning opportunities. When many of their international students were struggling with course content, they asked me to create an E-Learning course to teach academic English. Given the course outline for a brick-and-mortar version of this content, I completely redesigned it to fit the new context. I met with stakeholders and previous facilitators to better understand the needs. Then I selected appropriate learner support materials, wrote new learning objectives, and developed a 12 module course in Canvas, a learning management system (LMS). This course is now used by 6 community colleges throughout Kansas and has increased student admission rates, and contributed towards an in crease in revenue and retention.

My Role: Instructional Designer & Developer & SME

Tool Used: Canvas (LMS) and Canva


Videos and Animations

CreaGenius provides immersive English classes for students in China. I train their instructors to perform at the highest levels to maximize student engagement and increase retention rates. I collaborated with stakeholders to understand the business goals and customer requests to define the key performance indicators for their staff. I used backwards design to determine how we would evaluate each of these KPIs and created this presentation and video to clearly communicate that information with instructors. This ability to articulate our high standard of teaching has provided clarity for both our staff and customers.

My Role: Learning Designer, Developer, SME, & Facilitator

Tool Used: Powerpoint and Camtasia

This anti-bias magazine is staffed by global employees, volunteers, and interns. In an effort to understand the root to several business pain points, I conducted an in depth learner analysis. Based on the responses to survey questions and interviews, it was clear this small company needed a way to connect their staff to the brand, goals, and each other. Creating a series of onboarding videos was the first step to making this happen. This animated video went through multiple rounds of feedback and revision to get to its completed form, and is going to do a lot to help employees better understand Mighty Kind's backstory and vision.

My Role: Learning Designer, Developer, voice over, and video editor

Tool Used: Vyond & Canva

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